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Jason & Bronwyn Irwin Horsemanship horse training videos dvds

6 Week Horsemanship Journey Video Series – 6 VIDEOS

In this video series join Jason and Bronwyn Irwin for a six-week horsemanship journey – all on the ground! 

In each weekly video three ground exercises are presented, demonstrated as well as common problems for the exercises are discussed.

Work on the three exercises during the week and then proceed to the next week’s video.

The videos should be watched in order of Week 1 through Week 6 – as some of the exercises are advanced as the series progresses.

What is a 6 Week Horsemanship Journey?

During the course of the horsemanship journey participants will watch a video each week and practice the exercises provided with their horse during the week.

In each weekly video Jason and Bronwyn will demonstrate and explain three exercises that are performed on the ground. Common problems that occur with the exercises are also discussed.

Work on the three exercises for a week then proceed to the next week’s exercises.

 Jason Irwin training video dvd

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