Hosting A Clinic 2024 (Within Ontario)


The standard clinic fee within Ontario for 2024 is $325 per person for a two day clinic (cost covers both days) and $450 per person for a three day clinic. The clinic host can add however much they feel is fair onto that price to the participants to cover their time/costs. If the clinic host wants to have spectators that’s their choice and the clinic host would also keep the spectator fees.


The clinic host must collect NON-REFUNDABLE deposits from participants to hold their place in a clinic (50% of the clinic price). For whatever reason there’s always a few people out there that like to sign up to clinics and then get cold feet and drop out a day or two beforehand which leaves no time to fill the spot with someone else so the non-refundable deposit takes care of that. The only exception is if the participant provides a letter from their vet saying their horse is lame or injured. No person’s spot is held in a clinic without a deposit.  


The number of people in a clinic ranges from 12 to 16 (sometimes 18 depending on the clinic topic). The clinic host can ride/participate in the clinic at no cost if the minimum number of participants has been met (the clinic host doesn’t count as one of the minimum number of participants). 


Usually the clinic is split into two groups. One group would go in the morning for an hour and a half and then the second group would go in the late morning and then both groups would go again in the afternoon. This does depend on the clinic topic.


Usually it’s easiest to hold a clinic if the clinic host has boarders, friends, etc, that want to sign up to the clinic right away and then we will advertise to help fill the rest of the participant spots.



Note to Participants:

One participant/One horse – Each participant is to bring one horse to use in the clinic. A person can not work with one horse for part of the clinic and then another horse for another part of the clinic. Each part of the clinic builds on the last part so substituting a different horse in does not work.

Also no one else is to ride or work with your horse during a clinic. Jason and/or Bronwyn will help with a participant’s horse within reason but the participant is expected to work with their own horse during the clinic.

CLINIC DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-CREDITABLE AND NON-TRANSFERRABLE. The only exception is if a veterinarian provides a letter stating that the horse that was going to be used in the clinic is sick or lame and can not participate.

If a person chooses to not participate for the entire clinic that is their choice but the cost of the clinic is the same and there will be no refund for not choosing to continue.

At the start time of the clinic each participant is expected to have their horse ready to work.

Please be respectful of host farm/barn rules.