Our Bernese Mountain Dogs

Here are our big and sweet Berners that we share our life with!  They live in our house with us and are the most loyal and loving dogs you will meet.

Bronwyn has owned bernese mountain dogs for almost 20 years!

These three family dogs are all imported from Europe as we prefer the big and thick style that is true to their heritage and bred across the ocean. 

If you are interested in adding a Bernese puppy to your family - please send us a message to discuss.

All of our dogs are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.

 Lola and Winnie CKC bernese Mountain dog females



Winnie - our big and caring girl - Born in Poland

TV Credits- The Horse Trainers Season One (RFDTV-Canada & The Cowboy Channel Canada)

 Winnie Canadian Kennel Club Bernese Mountain Dog Female


 Winnie bernese mountain dog female ckc registered



Lola - our beautiful and fun-loving Italian-born female

TV Credits- The Horse Trainers Season One (RFDTV-Canada & The Cowboy Channel Canada )

Lola CKC Canadian Kennel Club Bernese Mountain Dog



Ulysse our sweet boy, that is beside Bronwyn all the time - born in Ukraine. He is Canadian Kennel Club registered.

TV Credits- The Horse Trainers Season One (RFDTV-Canada & The Cowboy Channel Canada)

Ulysse kisses of fortune CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog



Ulysse as a puppy and Lola is on the right. 

Ulysses and Lola


 Ulysse as a puppy & Lola

Ulysses and Lola

Last, but not least - Cooper - clearly not a bernese! He is a golden lab. He thinks he is a bernese though! Not too long ago he saw himself in a full length mirror and stood growling at his own reflection. Haha - so we think he thinks he is a berner. 

TV Credits-

-Feature Netflix film - TBA once released 

-The Horse Trainers Season One (RFDTV-Canada & The  Cowboy Channel Canada)

labrador retriever cooper

Keeping guard on the hill - 

bernese mountain dogs registered ckc


Bronwyn and her non-horse herd - from left to right: Winnie, Lola, Cooper (golden lab), Ulysse (in front).

Bronwyn and her bernese mountain dogs and Cooper

Ulysse as a puppy

Ulysses puppy

Ulysse (as a pup), Lola and Winnie

bernese mountain dogs

Lola and Winnie

bernese lola and winnie


Ulysse Bernese Mountain Dog CKC


Winnie bernese mountain dog ckc


Puppies... coming soon! (Please message us for info)

bernese mountain dog puppy ckc