Barrel Racing Exercise Flash Cards - Ridden

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  • Do you have a horse that needs to keep busy?
  • Have you run out of ideas for your daily rides?
  • Are you bored of your same ol' 'go-to' exercises?
  • Do you forget exercises?
  • Are you too busy with life to remember a training plan?
  • Do you meander around wondering what you and your horse should be working on?
  • Don't have time to take lessons with a trainer/coach?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions you would benefit from our Barrel Racing exercise flash cards! 

Info about our barrel racing flash cards:

  • There are 21 exercises in this pack
  • Two-sided cards: instructions and diagrams for every card
  • Keep them in your barn or arena to always have exercises on hand
  • Choose 1-3 cards per ride and perform the exercises
  • Exercises can be done at the walk/trot/lope
  • Work on your riding and training skills
  • Keep your horse entertained
  • Handy for people that need a coach but don't have access to one

What you may need to perform the exercises on these cards:

  • a set of barrels
  • an area to ride in
  • a set of cones
  • one exercise uses a stop watch (on your phone)